About Us


Beyarata Mobile Disaster Tax Services is a non-profit organization established on May 31, 2013, for the purpose of bridging the gap in limited transportation to low-income, underserved, un-served, and rural communities seeking help with filing individual income tax returns. 

Our mission is:

  • Utilize the “VITA” (Volunteer Income Tax Assistant) Program to provide “free” tax preparation services to families whose income is at or below the poverty income level based on government guidelines.
  • Assist disaster victims to file disaster claims for unreimbursed casualty losses as a result of a major disaster, man-made disaster, or other acts of GOD.
  • Provide tax law workshops to educate taxpayers about the tax laws and the importance of maintaining tax compliance.
  • Help other non-profit organizations establish or reinstate revoked 501(C)(3) tax-exemption status.


Our program objectives are:

Create financial workshops to teach communities how to become self-sufficient with action plans which can help in their pursuit to move from poverty to prosperity.